An assemblage of twenty one named species of Coleoptera is described from the type locality of the Ipswichian interglacial at Bobbitshole, Suffolk. This assemblage can be assigned to the boundary between pollen zones e and f of the interglacial. All species live today in western Europe. They indicate that the deposits were laid down in a eutrophic lake or pond with a rich peripheral reed swamp. The climate of the times was considerably warmer than that in the area at the present day with average July temperatures of about 20°C; about 3°C above those for southern England today. There is no evidence of increased climatic continentality. Compared with other interglacial faunas, this assemblage differs markedly from those of the Hoxnian interglacial but bears a striking resemblance to the Ipswichian assemblage from the excavations in Trafalgar Square.

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