21 August 1973 Meeting in collaboration with the British Association for the Advancement of Science held at Canterbury

Salt Deposits

The stratigraphy and tectonics of salt. Sir Percy Kent.

The evolution of the Permian evaporite basin in Yorkshire. D. B. Smith.

The rheological behaviour of salt. H. Albrecht.

10–13 September Engineering Group Meeting at Durham

The engineering geology of reclamation and redevelopment

20–23 Geological Societies of the British Isles Meeting at Manchester Engineering Group

Scale in engineering geology

Volcanic Studies Group

Tertiary volcanic districts of NW Scotland: a review

Introduction. G. M. Brown.

Geophysics. R. McQpillin.

The lavas. R. N. Thompson.

The intrusive complex of the Isles of Skye. J. D. Bell.

The Rhum igneous complex. A. C. Dunham.

The evolution of the first centre, Isle of Mull. R. R. Skelton

Geological Society

Tertiary basins around the British Isles

Some Tertiary deposits on the western side of the British Isles as far north as 56° A. Wood & M. R. Dobson.

The Tertiary marine geology of the Rockall Plateau and Trough. D. G. Roberts.

Aspects of North Sea Tertiary stratigraphy. F. C. Dilley.

Palaeogene successions of the eastern and central English Channel and their relation to those of adjoining land areas. D. Curry & A. J. Smith.

Earth Science Education Methods Group

Are Earth Science graduates employable?

9 October 1973 Engineering Group Meeting

The influence of geology on the design of the Peochos Dam, northern Peru D. J. Eastaff.

10 October 1973 Ordinary General Meeting

Emplacement of a high temperature

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