The recent short communication concerning tillite horizons in the Chamba Himalayas of N. India (Powell and Saxena, J. geol. Soc. Lond. 1971, p. 595) has prompted letters from Dr. J. B. Auden and Dr. V. J. Gupta. Dr. Auden has kindly pointed out our error in quoting Auden 1935 instead of Auden 1934 and 1955. He also draws attention to papers pertinent to the general discnssion of Himalayan Tillites, viz. Auden 1943, 1946, 1947, 1958 and Pilgrim and West 1928.

Dr. Gupta suggests an Upper Carboniferous to Permian age for tillltes in the Chamba area. The authors' tentative conclusion of a lower Carboniferous or older age for the Kalhel and Durgatti deposits was based on evidence presented by Gupta and Bedi (1970). Dr. Gupta now suggests the younger age for the tillites near Kalhel (Fuchs and Gupta 1971) on the basis of the presence of Spirifer nagmargensis, S. nitrensis, etc. in associated rocks. In support of this conclusion he cites Datta and Bhattacharya 1971 who report Spiriferella rajah, Productus sp. and Modiola lidarensis from the ‘Agglomeratic Slates’ in the north-eastern part of the Chamba area.

It is, however, not clear in Gupta (1970) or Fuchs and Gupta (1971) what is the detailed rock succession at Kalhel or how it can be correlated with the Agglomeratic Slates of Kashmir.

The new evidence from Dr. Gupta is welcome since only with more faunal evidence accurately located, will difficulties of correlation and dating be resolved.

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