This issue completes Volume 128 and the second year of publication of the Journal. With the January issue of 1973 (Part 1 Volume 129) Dr. Bernard Leake (Department of Geology, Bristol University) takes over the duties of Scientific Editor. He will be supported by regional sub-Editors whom intending authors should contact for advice and assistance in preparation of manuscripts. The regional sub-editors are Dr. Donald Duff (University of Edinburgh), Dr. Henry Emeleus (University of Durham) and Professor Wallace Pitcher (University of Liverpool). In addition I can be contacted at Bedford College as Publications Secretary, or Mrs. Anne Powers as Editorial Secretary at Burlington House, to answer any questions concerning publications. Dr. John Hepworth in Botswana and Dr. Alec Trendall in Australia are overseas ‘consultants’ and we hope shortly to have other representatives for the Journal elsewhere.

A change of Scientific Editor has also taken place in the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology. Dr. Bill Dearman (Department of Geology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne) took over with the publication of Vol. 5 Parts 1 & 2 and celebrated the event with a new style cover for the joint issue.

Other new publications of the Society which have appeared since the last Editorial include the Cambrian and Ordovician Correlation Special Reports (Nos. 2 & 3) and the List of Fellows 1972. Special Report No.4 will contain Quaternary correlation charts and the report of the Quaternary working party. The report will be ready for the printer before the end of the year.


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