Annual General Meeting

26 April at 3.30 p.m.

Professor W. A. DEER, F.R.S., President, in the Chair.

The report of the Council and the Accounts for 1971 were taken as read and adopted. The Treasurer spoke on the financial position and introduced the Estimates for 1972. Following a lively discussion the Estimates were adopted.

The PRESIDENT presented the WOLLASTON MEDAL to Professor H. RAMBERG and said:

Professor Ramberg you began your geological career in the early 1940's by tackling the formidable problems of the structural and metamorphic history of the Caledonian fold belt in the Trond-helm fjord region of Norway, and by this study laid the foundation stone for your subsequent contributions to geology. It is not surprising that in 1946 you turned your attention to the magnificently exposed metamorphic rocks of the Pre-Cambrian of West Greenland, and for the next five summers worked as a member of the Greenland Geological Survey. The experience you gained from these field investigations enabled you to make a critical study of the facies concept, and of the physical and chemical stability of mineral phases under specific conditions of temperature and pressure. As a result of these observations you were able to demonstrate that many pegmatite veins, previously considered to result from the injection of igneous material, could often be explained more satisfactorily as the result of volume by volume replacement by diffusion processes through dilation fissures in the host rocks. Your book, The Origin of Metamorphic and Metasomatic Rocks, in which you stressed

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