Marine Studies Group Meeting 28 January at 2.00 p.m. A discussion on the geology of Rocka11 Plateau J. Francheteau Plate tectonics in the N.E, Atlantic R. A. Scrutton Crustal structure A. S. Laughton Deep boreholes R. J. Bailey Reflection profiles of the continental margin R. A. Eden Hard rock sampling D. G. Roberts Stratigraphy and sediment distribution. Engineering Group Meeting 8 February at 5-15 p.m. Landslide Studies at Charmouth, Dorset B. W. Conway, B. Denness, P. Grainger and D. M. McCann. Joint Meeting of Volcanic Studies Group and The Royal Society 9-10 February 1972

Mount Etna and the 1971 Eruption a discussion meeting organised by J. Sutton, J. E. Guest, R. R. Skelhorn and R. L. Wilson, held in the apartments of the Royal Society. A. Rittman: The structure and evolution of Mount Etna A. Romano: Some considerations on the magma of the 1971 eruption R. Cristofolini: Recent trends in research on Mount Etna A. T. Huntingdon, F. Le Guern: Collection and analysis of gases J. E. Guest: The summit region prior to the 1971 eruption R. L. Wilson: Palaeomagnetic studies M. J. Downes: Experiental studies on quenched rocks R. J. Arculas: Pillow lavas in the Catania area H. Tazieff: Film of the 1971 eruption

H. Tazieff: Structural implications of the 1971 eruption G. P. L. Walker, Some recent observations on B.Booth: Mount Etna Ordinary General Meeting 16 February 1972 at 4.30 p.m. The Goastal Batholith of Peru and its tectonic setting W. S. Pitcher & E. J. Cobbing Within

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