20–23 September 1971 Engineering Group Regional Meeting, University of Leeds Engineering Geology: route planning, design and construction

15 October 1971 Engineering Group A geotechnical map of the London Clay in the London and Hampshire Basins (Lecture with demonstration) A. D. Burnett

20 October 1971 Ordinary General Meeting (arranged by Marine Studies Group) The stratigraphic results of theJOIDESdeep-sea drilling project1. The palaeomagnetism of marine sediments. N. D. Opdyke, Columbia University, New YorkDuring the last five years great strides have been made in the application of magnetic stratigraphy to problems of correlation within ocean sediments. The magnetic time-scale of the last 4 m.y. of earth history was reviewed giving particular emphasis to magnetic events which occur within the Brunhes, Matuyama and Gilbert magnetic epochs.The magnetic stratigraphy has recently been extended to sediments of upper middle Miocene age (magnetic epoch 15) through the use of long cores and overlapping sections. The utility and reliability of this extension of the magnetic time scale was discussed.Preliminary palaeomagnetic measurements have been made on marine sediments from the first four legs of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. The problems involved with palaeomagnetic studies on cores obtained by rotary drilling in deep water were considered and the results to date assessed.Although the principal use to which palaeomagnetic studies of sediments have been put has been stratigraphic, it should also be possible to use this information to help resolve tectonic problems, particularly when crustal plates have been moved for large distances

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