With the publication of this first part of the Journalfor 1972 it seems appropriate to look back over 1971 and consider the published material in terms which may not have been apparent to most readers. In addition to the six bi-monthly parts of Vol. 127 comprising the 'new' Journal, the last four issues of the 'Q.J.’ were despatched to Fellows during the first half of the year.

The Quarterly Journal (Vol 126 for 1970) contains 539 pages of text, 25 folding diagrams and 5 half-tone plates. Eighteen papers were published of which four are shorter than 20 pages (approximately 9000 words). The remaining fourteen papers range up to a maximum of 61 pages, with an average length of 33 pages. Proceedings were published separately for the year 1970 and short papers are included in the 322 pages which appeared before the separate publication was discontinued early in 1971.

The 1971 Journal (Vol. 127) comprises 641 pages, 13 folding diagrams (3 in colour) and 16 half-tone plates. Thirty-five papers were published of which fourteen are shorter than 7 pages (3000 words). The remaining twenty-one papers include ten between 7 and 20 pages in length and eleven which are longer than 20 pages (9000 words). The long papers range up to a maximum of 49 pages with an average length of 34 pages.

These figures are presented here for Fellows to assimilate at their leisure. The Editorial sub-committee has as its main aim that the Journalshould contain essential reading and browsing literature

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