Underwater cultural relics are considered to be a scarce and valuable cultural resource. The significance of partially buried underwater cultural relics, which represents a distinct category of underwater cultural relics, has been largely overlooked in previous research. The Laoniu reef shipwreck No. 2, as an example of a partially buried shipwreck, was discovered through the utilization of side-scan sonar, multibeam echosounder and diver verification. In the investigation, multiangle surveys provided evidence to effectively discover this unique site. Beam-focusing technology and high-frequency side-scan sonar with proper distance and angular parameters can help to verify this site further. Given the potential significance of this particular site in relation to environmental transformations and human interventions, it is imperative to consider the insights derived from this case when reevaluating the methodology employed in underwater cultural relic surveys conducted in prospective regions. Consequently, this investigation holds the potential to unveil novel underwater cultural relic sites, thereby presenting a promising avenue for future discoveries.

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