In reality, the spatial distribution of geological anomalies is extremely complex. In the process of numerical simulation of transient electromagnetic method, limited to the modeling level, regular sphere, cylinder, cuboid and other simple models are often used to replace the complex actual geological model. As a result, there is a large deviation between the numerical simulation results and the real transient electromagnetic response of the actual geological model, which affects the reliability of the data interpretation. In order to solve the problem of transient electromagnetic numerical simulation of complex geoelectric model, we established complex geological anomalies model based on a variety of modeling platforms, and integrated the spatial combination information of nodes, lines and surfaces of the model with the spatial information of the observation system. Then gained the unstructured mesh discrete space of the integrated model according to the Delaunay tetrahedral subdivision principle. Finally, we realized the simulation of the transient electromagnetic responses of ultra-complex models by using vector finite element method.

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