Since goaf water can cause water inrush, collapse or other severe geological hazards in coal mining, its detection has become a significant issue. As the grounded electrical source airborne transient electromagnetic (GREATEM) system can provide considerable prospecting depth, lateral resolution, and high detection efficiency, the method may be suitable for goaf water detection. To verify the feasibility, a field electromagnetic survey over Qinshui coal mine (Shanxi province, China) was conducted, and the system was used to detect the geoelectric characteristics of goaf water. After data acquisition, data processing, and apparent resistivity calculation, the resistivity profile of survey area is clearly presented, which is consistent with the information provided by Shanxi Coal Geology Geophysical Surveying Exploration Institute, China. The result shows that the application of GREATEM system is an effective technique for resistivity detection of goaf water, and can reduce the risks in coal mining.

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