Results are presented for shallow seismic reflection measurements performed southwest of Săcel village in Romania for the purpose of obtaining information about the geological structure in the near subsurface. The P-wave and S-wave velocity distributions were also obtained below the soil surface. The measurements were performed along a nearly linear profile on the top of an elongated hill. Most of the shot gathers were characterized by a good signal-to-noise ratio. A depth-converted migrated section was obtained after the processing of shot gathers, on which an image of sedimentary deposits with various thicknesses, separated by shallow faults until a depth of about 80 m, were observed. The P-wave and S-wave velocity-depth models for two segments were of considerable interest for a geotechnical study proposed for the construction of a windmill park. The two- and three-layered P-wave velocity-depth models were comparable until depths of about 10 m after first-arrival traveltime inversions. The lateral variations in the subsurface geological structure and lithology reflected the variations in the P-wave velocity values from both models. The S-wave velocity-depth models for comparable depth intervals were similar to those from the P-wave velocity-depth models. Reliable S-wave velocity distributions were obtained after inversion of fundamental-mode and higher-mode surface waves.

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