For linear noise such as seismic ground roll, 3-D frequency-wavenumber-wavenumber (3-D FKK) domain filtering suppression is better than 2-D frequency-wavenumber (F-K) domain filtering. In recent years, with the continuous development of computer processing speed and memory capacity, high-density data acquisition in seismic exploration has been widely applied in the hydrocarbon industry, opening up the application of 3-D FKK filtering methods. We applied the 3-D FKK filtering software to a 3-D high-density onshore seismic field dataset from a coal mine in western China. The case study demonstrates that the linearity of the noise in the field data is better represented by constructing the single shot records as a minimum dataset. Both theoretical synthetic models and the 3-D high-density onshore seismic field data numerical filtering experiments demonstrate that the feasibility of 3-D FKK filtering.

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