The stratigraphic succession of Pignola belongs to the Lagonegro Molise Basin (lonian Tethys). Two different sections, cropping out along the road connecting Pignola to Abriola (Potenza prov.) were analyzed: Mt. Crocetta and Chiatamone section. The Mt. Crocetta section is made up of cherty limestones, dolostones and marls (upper part of the Calcari con Selce fm). On the base of conodont and radiolarian assemblages, this section is referred to the Upper Norian-Rhaetian interval. Rhaetian radiolarians are found in this section for the first time, The Chiatamone section is constituted of cherts, radiolarites, shales and often silicified calcarenites (Scisti Silicei fm), On the basis of radiolarian contents, the lower portion of the section is referred to middle Bathonian to late Bathonian early Callovian and the upper part is referred to Kimmeridgian Tithonian.