This paper is the third part (out of four) of a reconnaissance of earthquake-triggered landslides and related landforms in SE. Sicily, and deals with the 1:100 000 quadrangle n. 274-Siracusa (Syracuse). Fifteen landslides (some of which uncertain) and 1 landslide dam have been identified through photogeological study and field checks. The dam, and its causative landslide, are very probably to be attributed to the 1693 earthquake. The landslides share the following attributes: (1) conspicuous size, (2) old age, (3) dormant state, (4) prevalence of the horizontal component in the slip surface, and (5) typology mostly suitable for reactivation. In each site, the elements at risk in case of reactivation are mentioned: vulnerability seems to be high in the town of Lentini, some roads may undergo interruption, a small artificial dam may be destroyed and some rural settlements are at risk.