In this contribution, we present a new geological map of the Jurassic formations exposed in the central sector of the Montagna dei Fiori anticline, in the Central Apennines. Mapping activity was devoted to better detail the extensional fault patterns still preserved in the anticlinal core and to separate dolostones from the parent limestones. The results of our work indicate that the lower half of the Corniola Fm. is systematically dolomitized in the study area. On the other hand, the underlying Calcare Massiccio Fm. is strongly dolomitized in the Castel Manfrino and Osso Caprino hill area, whereas limestone dominates to the east and to the south. Our new map supports block faulting induced by Jurassic rifting as the cause of the Calcare Massiccio Fm. map pattern, rather than gravity-driven block collapse, as alternatively proposed.

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