The geologic map of the Neogene Cabo de Gata volcanic zone is presented together with a comprehensive volcanic stratigraphy and structure based on logging, correlation and mapping. Volcanic rocks are interbedded with sedimentary rocks throughout the Cabo de Gata volcanic zone. The volcano-sedimentary succession of Cabo de Gata has been divided into formations according to lithology, age, composition and stratigraphic position. The contacts between sedimentary units and volcanic units and between formations are unconformities. Sedimentary units were deposited during periods of volcanic repose. The depositional environment of volcanism in Cabo de Gata is characterized as shallow-water submarine to emergent based on lithofacies of volcanic rocks and on fossil content and sedimentary structures of sedimentary rocks. The eruptive style in Cabo de Gata is dominantly effusive, although small-volume explosive eruptions due to magma-water interaction processes and to explosions of lava flow and domes complexes occurred.

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