The Italian Stratigraphic Commission of the Società Geologica Italiana is currently working to clarify and simplify the rather confused lithostratigraphic nomenclature of Italy, by publishing the «Quaderni CARG», devoted to a new catalogue of the lithostratigraphic units.

Referring to this effort, the Priabonian limestones of the Pradelgiglio Fm. and Santa Giustina Limestone Fm. (both formalized lithostratigraphic units) represent a clear example of the proliferation of formation names during last decades.

The examination and description of a new stratigraphic succession near Crespano del Grappa, located just midway between the small outcrop of the Santa Giustina Limestone Fm. (close to Possagno, Treviso province) and the easternmost outcrops of the Pradelgiglio Fm. (neighbouring of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza province), allowed to confirm the hypothesis that these two formational names refer indeed to a single Priabonian carbonate platform extending throughout the whole area between the Astico Creek and the Piave River.

Therefore, we suggest abandoning the name «Santa Giustina Limestone», which is a junior partial synonym of the older «Pradelgiglio Formation».

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