This study demonstrates that the tetrapod ichnoassociation of the Lower Permian of the Orobic and Val Trompia basins (South-Alpine region, Northern Italy), belongs to the Batrachichnus ichnofacies improved. Using the type-section of the Collio Formation cropping out in the Val Trompia Basin and the highly detailed study of the Orobic basin (both in Lombardy, Northern Italy), the pertinence on these inchnofaunas to the Ichniotherium sub-ichnocoenosis is not completely justified considering the ichnoassociation composition, the main bioevents and the different reconnected paleoenvironments. Instead of unifying the ichnoassociations from these areas within a single sub-ichnocoenosis (Ichniotherium sub-ichnocoenosis), the hypothesis of a subdivision in two sub-ichnocoenoses for the Val Trompia Basin (Amphisauropus sub-ichnocoenosis and Ichniotherum sub-ichnocoenosis) and only one (Amphisauropus sub-ichnocoenosis) for the Orobic Basin is advanced, being more in harmony with the fossil record and with the recognized paleoenvironments.

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