Tithonium Chasma is the northern trough of the western grabens of Valles Marineris (Mars). In the eastern part of the canyon system an elevated body that displays dome shape morphology is located. According to OMEGA mineralogical data the dome appears to be constituted by magnesium sulphate (kieserite). The main features of the dome have been investigated in detail using HRSC, MOC and THEMIS data. Several of the morphologies characterising the surface of the dome such as gully excavation and lobe-shaped deposits are connected to a slow flowage motion caused by the partial melting of interstitial ice in a periglacial environment or permafrost rich soil. Analysis of the dome surface highlighted some landforms that strongly resemble karst landforms that occur on Earth. We carried out a comparison of the features displayed by the martian dome with the features of a terrestrial salt diapir located in the area of the Persian Gulf. The results of our study indicate that from the morphological point of view martian and terrestrial domes show noticeable similarities. Considering the different characteristics of the environment between Mars and Earth the similarities displayed in martian and terrestrial domes seem remarkable, and it allows us to suppose that both domes could also be similar from the mineralogical composition point of view.

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