A geological lineation analysis of Southern Italy was carried out by interpretation of ETM+ images acquired by Landsat 7 satellite. A set of 6 images, covering the southern Apennines mountain chain, characterized by several reverse-slip faults and thrusts, was geocoded and orthocorrected to produce a digital ortho-mosaic. Spatial information is crucial for the detection of geological structures; nevertheless spectral data can also be useful in the geological interpretation of optical images. In order to combine the spatial and spectral components of Landsat 7 data, panchromatic and multi-spectral images were fused in a synergetic imagery using a statistic-based fusion technique. The fused ortho-mosaic was visually interpreted on-screen using different color compositions. Edge enhancement/detection and morphological filtering techniques were applied to facilitate the recognition of linear features. The features of geological interest detected during the interpretation process were digitized using a raster-based GIS software. A vector lineation map of Southern Italy was produced. A spatial statistic analysis of the lineaments was performed to detect their frequency and main direction.

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