The central Southern Alps host a very extensive metallogenic province including different metalliferous districts which are characterised by the prevailing presence of Fe, Pb-Zn ores, fluorite, and barite.The dominant iron district showing siderite-ankerite and minor hematite and sulphides is strictly space- and time-controlled. It runs from east to west, between Lake Lugano and Lake Iseo (Giudicarie Line), and includes several iron deposits, both of syngenetic-stratiform and epigenetic vein and dissemination type (fig. 1; tabs. 1, 2, 3). Such deposits were formed during a metallogenic epoch involving the Ordovician-Silurian upper portion of the crystalline basement and the volcano-sedimentary cover formations defined, from bottom to top, by: (i) the Carboniferous-Lower Permian Basal Conglomerate Fm, (ii) the Lower Permian Collio Fm, (iii) the Upper Permian Verrucano Lombardo Fm, (iv) the Lower Triassic Servino Fm.

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