Chemical data for a polymetalliferous mineral deposit in the Peloritani Mountains (north-eastern Sicily) are presented. The studied ore deposit crops out in the Pomia Valley, near Bafia, as discontinuous aligned lenses in the micaschists of the Mela Unit. Minerographic study reveals a mineral association formed by chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrite, sphalerite, galena, pyrrhotite, marcasite and tetrahedrite. Two pyrite generations are present. The following depositional sequence can be observed: arsenopyrite + pyrite I chalcopyrite sphalerite galena + pyrite II. Chemical analysis carried out by A.A. and ICP-MS shows an Au value of about 3 ppm in chalcopyrite and almost 6 ppm in arsenopyrite. The Ag content is very low in all minerals and especially in galena relative to the same minerals of other Peloritani deposits. Chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrite and galena show Mn, Ba, Cd, Se, Co and Ni in variable concentrations. Co and Ni are concentrated in pyrite; Cd in galena. Fe content in sphalerite is around 5% on average.

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