In the Sicilian fold-and-thrust belt, between Late Miocene and Pleistocene times, contemporaneous extensional tectonics occurred in the back of the wedge and thrusting in its toe region, where resedimented bodies of variable thickness have also been recognised. Deposition of debris-flow-type mostly coincides with some 3rd order sequence boundaries. These boundaries are related to the sea-level change and are synchronous with the extensional tectonics affecting the inner belt. The correlation of the tectonic and stratigraphic record indicates a kinematic evolution of the Sicily belt as a Coulomb-like growing wedge in which failures, connected to super-critical taper values, are suggested by extensional tectonics in its inner sectors and by resedimentation processes in its toe region. The stratal pattern of the syn-tectonic deposits may have been controlled by the evolution of the Sicilian wedge, rather than by glacio-eustatic sea-level fluctuations.

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