This work describes for the first time outcrops of metamorphosed limestones ("Cipoline" and "Brecciated marbles") found at Mondragone, Caserta Province, Campania. These rocks are formed by blocks and olistoliths, up to size of several thousand cubic meters, occurring in two Tertiary terrigenous formations overthrusting the Latium-Abruzzi-Campania carbonate platform. On the whole the following metamorphic minerals were found out in these two different kind of marble: diopside, talc, tremolite and quartz, along with calcite and different amount of dolomite, suggesting a regional metamorphism that reached the amphibolite facies. Furthermore, a "carbonate tectonite" contacting the "Brecciated marble" is described. Finally, hypothesis of correlation of these marbles with the Apennine and Alpine chains, their origin and geodynamic meaning are here shortly discussed.

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