The Camposauro group is a Campanian Apennines'carbonate unit. Some elementary structural units, separated by main faults, with dips between S and W, and angles of 30 degrees -70 degrees , are located in this group. The latest working of these faults gave, principally, normal slip. Every structural unit is separated from others, towards N and towards E, by faces of a dihedron. A dihedron face is formed by faults, with dips between S and SSW, that, often, show a left normal slip. Other dihedron face is formed by faults; with dips between W and SW, that show a right normal slip. So, the elementary units are shifted towards SW. In the Camposauro group a domino-like structure spreading from Monte St. Angelo towards ENE is identified. The origin of this structure is coherent with displacement of the elementary units toward SW. The extensional tectonics Plio-Pleistocene conditioned the present day structural Camposauro setting. Considering the Apennines' structure and geodynamical development, it was supposed to be an ancient main thrust below Camposauro group. During the extensional periods, this structure was activated like a low angle normal fault, on which the simple units of the massif were shifted towards the S-SW. Therefore these units have developed the structures, surveyed on the surface.

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