New stratigraphic-sedimentological data from Paleogenic successions of SW Sardinia ("Serie lignitifera" or "Produttivo" Auct; "Formazione del Cixerri", Pecorini & Pomesano Cherchi, 1969) evidenced their connection with an important tectonic-sedimentary cycle (sensu Puigdefabregas & Soquet, 1986), linked with rise and evolution of a sedimentary basin developed in the Sulcis-Iglesiente area. For this basin two different alternative geodynamic models (with compressive or transcurrent features) has been hypothesized, and their controversial point are discussed. Progress of this basin was linked to the Cretaceous/Eocene tectonics heading to appearance of the Cantabric-Pyrenean-Provencal chain. In this way, depositional and paleogeographic conditions of the Sardinia Paleogenic formations has been traced, and their progressive evolution relatively to the development of the Pyrenean Orogeny has been examined. Finally, an attempt to establish relationships between the Sardinia Paleogenic formations and the geodinamically analogues and coeval South-Pyrenean basin has been made.

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