In the frame of LISA and CROP Mare II near vertical deep reflection projects in Northern Tyrrhenian area, between Tuscany, Latium and Corsica, integrative wide angle reflection/refraction seismic data were acquired. In this paper we present the results of processing and interpretation of the data collected on the Tuscan side. Structural and stratigraphical information about upper crust was obtained examining the seismic sections available, while regarding the static correction, at this moment we used to constrain and correct the data only the information derived from literature. In this area the presence of the peri-Tyrrhenian-Tuscan domain was recognized. This domain has a crustal thickness between 20-25 km with regional trend dipping toward Corsica Island. The result of the interpretation of these data allow us to draw a map of the crust-mantle boundary along Tuscan off-shore. In the off-shore (about 20 km far the coast) between Piombino-Orbetello we recognized a minimum Moho depth, about 21+ or -2 km with a NW-SE trend. The existence of a deep European Moho below a Tuscan one is not shown by our data but a diffuse upper mantle reflectivity eastward dipping was observed.

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