In the area of Monte Sant'Angelo (Gargano headland, Southern Italy) were sampled the following sections: Monte Sant'Angelo, Monte Acuto, Coppa Caramanica, Southern Monte Sant'Angelo, Madonna degli Angeli, Eastern Monte Sant'Angelo, Coppa Turanda, Pulsano. On these sections, micropalaeontological and biostratigraphic studies have been carried out, and correlations were possible by means of significant micro-foraminifera. Four stratigraphic hiatuses have been recognized, marked by lithological changes and slight angular discordance. The following stratigraphic units have been distinguished: A) Eoradiolites lyratus Member (Mattinata Limestone), B) Monte Sant'Angelo Limestone, C) Nevara Limestone, D) Caramanica Limestone. The Peschici Limestone overlaps the Caramanica Limestone.

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