Petrographical, geochemical and mineralogical analyses have been performed on metabasalt samples collected in middle triassic to middle miocene sediments from Campanian and Lucan Apennines. These sediments have been referred (Carta Tettonica d'Italia; CNR, 1981; Modello Strutturale dell'Italia; CNR, 1992) to nappes belonging to the Tethyan area as concern the "Cilento Units" containing the Tramutola basalt; as concern the "Sicilidi Units" (Frigento basalt) the sediments derive from the African paleo-margin. Finally the "Lagonegro Units", (Tito basalt) derive from intracontinental basin. REE and HFSE (Nb, Zr, Ti, Y) suggest that these metabasalts are "normal" MORB (Tito) and "transitional" MORB (Tramutola); the Frigento sample shows clear affinity with intraplate alkaline basalts (WPB). Different degrees of post-magmatic alteration are present in all the samples. Finally, geotectonic implications from geochemical data are discussed.

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