Due to poor geologic conditions, unreasonable design principles, or construction method, many quality defects often occur during prestressed pipe piles’ field construction, which will greatly influence pipe piles’ normal service or result in engineering accident. To acquire some treatment measures of the defective pipe piles, we have carried out some theoretical researches on this type of pipe pile. First, the types of defective prestressed pipe piles were summarized. Then, we explored the force and deformation characteristics of the defective pipe piles and brought forward the relationship between pile-top displacement and residual bearing capacity. Finally, we offered some treatment measures for the defective pipe piles. The results show that the main performance of the defective prestressed pipe piles includes pile deviation, incline, and breakage. The residual bearing capacity of the incline pipe piles is less than half of the designed bearing capacity, and the top displacement of the incline pipe pile is positively correlated with the square of the sliding depth. Some treatment measures such as foundation adjustment, adding piles, splicing pile, and filling core can improve defective pipe piles. The research results can provide some references for similar engineering.

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