We have developed a high-resolution 3D model of the Alberton-Mathinna section of the “Main Slide,” northeast Tasmania. This geological model expresses a new synthesis based on mapping and structural interpretation on multiple cross sections. We have refined this model by 3D geophysical inversion constrained by gravity and magnetic survey data coupled with drilling and rock physical property databases. Our modeling incorporates statistically generated sensitivity characterization metrics into 3D model products that map confidence in the geometry of geological units at depth. The results include a granitoid surface that is considerably more detailed than earlier versions based on 2D modeling. Among the new features to emerge is a cupola 1.6 km below and slightly west of the Mathinna goldfield. At the Ringarooma United deposit located within the Alberton goldfield, we seethat the fault network underpinning the deposit was intruded by granite to a depth of approximately 400 m. Ore-forming solutions for both deposits have been interpreted as metamorphic in origin, but our results suggest the possibility of a role for magmatic fluids (i.e., granite related) in the gold-mineralizing system, particularly for the Ringarooma United deposit.

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