Contemporaneous seismic data acquisition in the Santos and Campos Basins offshore Brazil have focused on image characterization of deepwater and ultra-deepwater reservoirs and their relationship with hydrocarbons originating from synrift source rocks. Our interpretation has mapped the stratigraphy of postsalt turbidite reservoirs, and, on the presalt lithology, it has uncovered the underlying synrift sequences that embrace oil-bearing source rocks and the prolific, recently discovered, microbialite carbonate reservoirs. The new phase in geophysical data acquisition and offshore drilling that started in 1999 bolstered the Brazilian offshore petroleum production to record levels. The new, massive, nonexclusive, speculative 2D and 3D data acquisition surveys conducted offshore the Brazilian coast far exceed the amount of all existing cumulative vintage data. Deepwater drilling programs probed the interpreted new prospects. As whole, the modern geophysics data libraries offshore Brazil brought in the technology era to seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization, and geosteering operations in deepwater development drilling. Still, regional interpretation mapping of the outer shelf, slope, deepwater and ultra-deepwater provinces of the Santos and Campos Basins indicates plenty of prospective future drilling in the salt locked minibasins of the ultra-deepwater provinces. Salt tectonics shapes the architecture of these basins; hence, postsalt deepwater turbidite plays were readily interpreted from seismic amplitudes of the modern data that also allow for resolution images of the synrift source rocks, salt architecture, migration paths through faulting and salt windows, reservoir characterization, and regional seal mapping. The new techniques of prestack depth migration have enabled uncovering the imaging structure of the synrift that led to characterization of the presalt carbonate reservoirs and discovery of giant accumulations. Future offshore exploration will continue aiming at postsalt deepwater and ultra-deepwater minibasins plus presalt plays under the massive salt walls, still an underexplored frontier.

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