Accurate prediction of the S-wave velocity of highly heterogeneous coal measure strata using high-resolution logging can effectively identify high-quality reservoirs. We have used multipole array sonic logs to predict the S-wave velocity of coal measure strata based on the conventional empirical method (CEM), multiple regression method (MRM), and rock-matrix modulus extraction (MME) method. Moreover, we used a complex multiple parameter iterative computational method of forward calculation and inversion in the MME method. Our results indicate that the MME method can effectively extract several rock modulus parameters. There are good binomial relationships between the extracted rock modulus parameters (R2>0.97) and between the extracted modulus parameters and the P-wave impedance (R2>0.95). The average relative errors of the S-wave velocities predicted by the CEM, MRM, and MME methods are 7.58%, 5.64%, and 2.31%, respectively. The MME method can effectively extract and couple effective information from different types of conventional well logs and perform high-precision S-wave time difference prediction.

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