The offset vector tile (OVT) is a special prestack seismic gather type, and OVT technology is a seismic processing technology suitable for wide-azimuth seismic (WAZ) exploration. Because current WAZ interpretation is not yet mature and because of the lack of key techniques and tools for OVT-domain seismic interpretation, abundant offset and azimuth information possessed in the OVT gathers has not been fully used. To take full advantage of the OVT gathers to achieve more accurate geologic, reservoir, and fluid information, we have developed an OVT-domain wide-azimuth prestack seismic interpretation technology and a typical workflow. The OVT-domain wide-azimuth prestack seismic interpretation technology is composed of five key prestack analysis and interpretation techniques focused on OVT gathers: (1) sensitive offset and azimuth analysis for choosing their sensitive offset and azimuth ranges, (2) template-based OVT gather optimization for improving their signal-to-noise ratio and quality, (3) multiscale and multiazimuth attribute analysis, (4) OVT domain amplitude versus incidence angle analysis, and (5) azimuthal anisotropy analysis. These technologies are used to extract seismic attributes that vary with offset and/or azimuth from OVT gathers facing on reservoir characterization, fluid detection, and fracture prediction. These technologies can form an OVT-domain prestack seismic interpretation workflow.

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