We have developed a methodology to create easy-to-implement rock-physics attributes that can be used to screen for reservoir sandstones and hydrocarbon pore fill from seismic inversion data. Most seismic attributes are based on the empirical relationships between reservoir properties and seismic observables. We have honored the physical properties of the rocks by defining attributes that complied with calibrated rock-physics models. These attributes included the fluid saturation sensitive curved pseudo-elastic impedance (CPEI) and the rock stiffness/lithology attribute pseudo-elastic impedance for lithology (PEIL). We found that the CPEI attribute correlated nicely with saturation and resistivity, whereas the PEIL attribute in practice was a scaled version of the shear modulus and correlated nicely with porosity. We determined the use of these attributes on well log and seismic inversion data from the Norwegian Sea, and we successfully screened out reservoir rocks filled with either water or hydrocarbons.

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