We evaluated the results of a large-scale commercial project that illustrated the capabilities of advanced time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) technologies powered with integrated interpretation of geologic and geophysical data. To study the hydrocarbon prospectivity of a field in Eastern Siberia, we developed a survey design, and then acquired, processed, and interpreted the TDEM data from 30 profiles (total length 772 km) covering an area of approximately 1000km2. The data were acquired using the conventional TDEM and a novel high-resolution version of TDEM, the focused-source electromagnetic method. We described the geologic framework, data acquisition methodologies, and key results obtained using integrated TDEM, seismic, and well-logging data. The interpretation was used to select well locations for additional exploratory drilling. Postsurvey drilling supported our interpretation. The presented case study demonstrates the value of TDEM in the exploration workflow.

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