A corrigendum on:

Syn-Bushveld “granite sheets” associated with the Molopo Farms Complex intruding into Transvaal Supergroup strata in southern Botswana


R.B.M. Mapeo., R.M. Key., A.E. Moore., J.A. Mulder., N.J. Gardiner and L.J. Robb (2023). SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY 2023 • VOLUME 126.2 PAGE 161-176 •doi:10.25131/sajg.126.0012.

In the original article, there was a mistake in Table 3 “U-Pb ages (Ma) and Hf isotopic data of zircons from the Molopo Granite Sample MF-41 from the Molopo Farms Region, southern Botswana” as published.

The authors pasted duplicate data in Table 3, which caused the data to be duplicated and included...

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