The Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone is the second oldest tetrapod biozone of the Beaufort Group (Adelaide Subgroup, Karoo Supergroup), biostratigraphically positioned between the underlying Eodicynodon and overlying Endothiodon assemblage zones. It is characterised by a rich fossil tetrapod assemblage comprising basal members of most therapsid clades, but particularly dinocephalians such as Moschops capensis and basal pareiasaurs such as Bradysaurus in co-occurrence with the pylaecephalid dicynodonts Robertia and Eosimops. It corresponds to the upper two thirds of the Abrahamskraal Formation, is Capitanian (Guadalupian) in age, and reaches a maximum thickness of around 1500 m. The biozone is here separated into two subzones: a lower EosimopsGlanosuchus Subzone and an upper DiictodonStyracocephalus Subzone. The contact between the two subzones is defined by the first appearance of Diictodon feliceps, which closely corresponds to the base of the Moordenaars Member. The uppermost part of the biozone contains the Capitanian mass extinction and the low diversity fauna in its immediate aftermath. The zone is terminated by the first appearance of Endothiodon bathystoma.

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