In the past few years numerous assumptions were made on groundwater in the Karoo Basin and related shale gas development, but not many baseline studies were conducted on groundwater and on boreholes where methane currently occurs. This article focuses on one of these boreholes (BHA) in the Ubuntu Local Municipality area, located close to a dolerite ring structure, which is releasing methane gas. Water samples were analysed for macro and trace elements, environmental isotopes and methane concentrations. Chemical analyses results indicate that groundwater at this borehole may be a mixture between deep groundwater, shallow groundwater and meteoric water. A rise in the groundwater level and subsequent flowing artesian conditions that was observed, support the theory that mixing between deeper groundwater from the Ecca Group and shallower water from the Beaufort Group is taking place. These water level reactions could be due to possible seismic activity within close proximity to the dolerite ring structure and/or due to recharge and interflow to BHA.

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