In reply to comments by W.U. Reimold on ”Pseudotachylite in the South Boundary Fault at the Cooke Shaft, Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa by P.W. Mambane et al., S. Afr. J. Geol. 114.2, 109–120.

Furthermore, the comments by Reimold concerning argon geochronology of Type II pseudotachylite vein glass are problematic. As exciting as the presence of glass might be, the Witwatersrand basin has been subjected to; (1) compact-burial metamorphism during deposition of the Ventersdorp, Transvaal and Karoo basins, (2) at least two regional metamorphic events (during the Umzawami and Ukubambana events; Dankert and Hein, 2010 and authors therein), (3) contact metamorphism...

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