Two new assemblages (farms Christina and Moorfield) of plant fossils belonging to the Glossopterid flora are described from the northeastern part of the Main Karoo basin, within the Late Permian Normandien Formation, Beaufort Group, Karoo Supergroup. The Normandien Formation comprises three sandstone members (lower Frankfort, Rooinek, upper Schoondraai) each overlain by an argillaceous interval. Two informal plant fossil assemblage zones are distinguished in the field: a “Christina assemblage zone” defined by Morphotype Pnc1, Morphotype Pnc2, Morphotype Pnc3 and Morphotype Pnc7, between the Frankfort and Rooinek sandstones; a younger “Moorfield assemblage zone” between the Rooinek and Schoondraai sandstones, defined by Morphotype Pnm1, Morphotype Pnm2, Morphotype Pnm3, Rigbya arberioides and Sphenophyllum speciosum. These two proposed plant fossil assemblage zones enable subdivision of the Dicynodon therapod assemblage zone coincident with the Normandien Formation, and the two plant fossil zones have been successfully mapped out over a large area.

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