The study of the Albian ammonite fauna of the sedimentary series in the Benguela Basin (Angola) allows a major revision of the biostratigraphy of the south Atlantic area. The new biostratigraphic approach allows the recognition of 17 horizons distributed in 8 subzones correlated with the ammonite zonation of the Tethyan Province. The Lower Albian is characterized by the Douvilleiceras inaequinodum Subzone (including the D. mammillatum aequinodum Horizon). The Middle Albian is represented by the Oxytropidoceras (Mirapelia) buarquianum Subzone (subdivided into O. (M.) buarquianum and O. (M.) sergipense horizons). The Upper Albian is characterized by the Dipoloceras sp. Subzone (defined by the horizon of the same name), M. (Mortoniceras) stoliczkai Subzone (subdivided into M. (M.) stoliczkai and M. (M.) stoliczkai A-B horizons), Hysteroceras choffati Subzone (including the horizon of the same name), Prohysteroceras wordiei Subzone (subdivided into M. (M.) pricei intermedium, M. (M.) angolanum, M. (Deiradoceras) sp. and M. (subgenus ?) rochai Horizons), Elobiceras conditum Subzone (subdivided into E. angustum, E. conditum and E. raymondi Horizons), and M. (Subschloenbachia) rostratum Subzone (subdivided into M. (S.) rostratum, M. (Angolaites) wintoni and M. (A.) vicina horizons).

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