The Moshaneng Complex (southeastern Botswana) consists of a suite of coarse-to-medium-grained gabbros, medium-grained diorites, alkali feldspar-phyric syenites, fine-grained and porphyritic granites. Field studies indicate commingling and mixing of mafic and felsic magmas leading to the production of diorites. U-Pb isotopic analyses of single zircon and titanite grains from the Moshaneng Complex granites yield a crystallisation age of 2054 ± 2 Ma, indicating the Moshaneng Complex is coeval with the Bushveld Complex of South Africa. The Bushveld-age ultramafic, mafic and felsic igneous rocks of southern Africa define a ~2.06 to ~2.05 Ga large igneous province extending from South Africa into Botswana.

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