A digitized geological mapping database, viewable and printable as maps at various scales, was produced for the area surrounding the Venetia kimberlite pipes using GPS techniques in the field to determine latitude and longitude positions on the WGS-84 map datum and ellipsoid. These latitude and longitude data, collected as degrees and decimal degrees using a GARMIN GPS-45 and GPS-III navigators, were subsequently converted to the local Venetia Mine grid using Trimble software. The Venetia Mine grid coordinates were linked with rock type attributes and structural data using a Microsoft Access database and imported into GEMCOM software with which the map was drawn. Generally the maps consist of two layers, one with the location data and lithological and structural attributes shown as colored dots or symbols and a second with the polygons outlining the various lithological units. Other overlays with geographical or geophysical information may be added. GEMCOM software was used because the data could then be utilized by the GEMS data management system on the Venetia Mine and field notes may be directly accessed by right clicking on any data point shown on the map.

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