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The Eocene age Brimmond Sand Fairway is situated along the north-eastern flank of the Paleocene Forties Field (UKCNS blocks 21/10 and 22/6). Located along the western margin of this Brimmond Fairway are well imaged remobilized sands that form the reservoir interval for the Maule and Tonto Fields and, along with deep-water channels, the Brimmond Field. These Eocene Brimmond sandstones are encased in the Horda Shale which provides the sealing lithology.

The interpretation of these remobilized and injected sands is driven from geometries derived from 3D seismic and historic logging of thin sandstones in the Eocene interval. Conical shape features with sills and steep dykes are mapped, with seismic evidence of injection along active faults and fractures.

The developments of the Brimmond, Maule and Tonto Fields has been successful due to impressive seismic imaging with inversion and Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI) volumes allowing the identification of hydrocarbon bearing remobilized sandstones, along with 4D data imaging un-swept areas.

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