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The Southeastern Oman Mountains are dominated by two major culminations: the Jabal Akhdar and Saih Hatat domes, surrounded by allochthonous and/or neo-autochthonous rocks. In the cores of both domes, folded autochthonous and par-autochthonous pre-Permian metasedimentary rocks are exposed, subjacent to the ‘Hercynian’ Unconformity. Above the unconformity are Permo--Mesozoic shelfal sedimentary rocks, characterized by carbonates. These sedimentary rocks were openly folded. The open folds are large-scale elongate structures that define the shapes of both domes. The main elongation direction is NW--SE. Doming is syn- to post-obductional. Most margins of the domes are marked by major post-obductional, extensional faults. Reactivated basement...

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