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The post-orogenic extensional processes that affected the inner sector of the Northern Apennine orogenic wedge (i.e. the Northern Tyrrhenian region) were accompanied by the emplacement of chiefly anatectic intrusive rocks of Late Miocene to Mid-Pleistocene age. In this paper, we compare geological and structural data from Messinian-Pliocene monzogranitic intrusions located both offshore (Monte Capanne, Porto Azzurro, Montecristo and Giglio) and onshore (Gavorrano and Botro ai Marmi) in the Northern Tyrrhenian region to constrain modes of pluton emplacement. Offshore, eastward non-coaxial extensional shear zones active both in ductile and brittle conditions accompanied the emplacement of the monzogranitic intrusions, and accommodated...

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