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The Helgeland Nappe Complex (HNC), part of the Uppermost Allochthon of the north-central Norwegian Caledonides, originated near the Laurentian margin and was transferred to Baltica during the closure of Iapetus in Late Silurian–Early Devonian time. The islands of Rødøy, Bolvær and Leka, located in the Sauren–Torghatten (S–T) nappe of the HNC, are composed of ultramafic and mafic basement rocks unconformably overlain by metaconglomerates and fine-grained metasedimentary rocks. Geochemical and isotopic characteristics of the basement rocks are consistent with formation in a supra-subduction zone setting. Overlying metasedimentary rocks record an increasing proportion of continental detritus supplied to the basins through...

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