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The İspendere ophiolite forms part of the Tauride active continental margin assemblage in SE Anatolia. The ophiolite exhibits an intact oceanic lithosphere section and is intruded by Late Cretaceous calc-alkaline granites. The ophiolite comprises mantle tectonites, ultramafic to mafic cumulates, isotropic gabbros, isolated diabase dykes, a sheeted dyke complex, plagiogranite and volcanic rocks. The volcanics and the sheeted dyke complex exhibit (1) similar rare earth element patterns, with flat to light rare earth element depletion (La–Yb)N=0.71–1.14 and 0.65–1.22, (2) negative Nb anomalies and (3) flat-lying high field strength element trends. These features differ from a typical Normal--Mid...

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